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Tropic Sun – Johnny Applevapes 60ml


This Tropical Delight e-juice is bursting with flavor, you can smell the freshness the moment you crack the bottle open. Tangerines mixed with very light Guava captivate your taste buds immediately, giving you the same mouthwatering feeling you’ll experience while drinking an iced cold Orange bang.

Surfs Up – Johnny Applevapes 60ml


Coming from one of the best fruit flavored vape juice manufacturers in the world, they kept this one simple…because they can. One of the best Strawberry flavors to come on today’s saturated market, Surf’s Up is a pure ripened Strawberry. So Fresh, a little Sweet, but oh so addicting.

Killer Tide – Johnny Applevapes 60ml


Delivers a rush of amazing fresh blue raspberry flavor that’ll have you coming back for more.

Cowabunga – Johnny Applevapes 60ml


Enjoy the delightfully fruity flavor of Cowabunga by Johnny Be Fresh, capturing notes of sweet apples blended with a handful of mixed berries to create a collision of flavors that will tantalize the taste buds.

Tropic Sun – Johnny Applevapes Salts 30ml


Enjoy sweet fruity bliss with Tropic Sun by Johnny Be Fresh, capturing the exquisite notes of tangy tangerines, luscious guava, and summertime sliced strawberries bursting with flavor resulting in a delicious eJuice

Surfs Up – Johnny Applevapes Salts 30ml


Catch a wave with Surf’s Up by Johnny Be Fresh, implementing a strong deluge of sweet strawberry, submerging the tongue in pure bliss and fruity flavor.

Cowabunga – Johnny Applevapes Salts 30ml


Discover the nicotine salt infusion of Cowabunga SALT by Johnny Be Fresh, introducing notes of sweet sliced apples crossed with a handful of mixed berries to create this sharp and tasty fruity blend that will intoxicate the taste buds.

Killer Tide – Johnny Applevapes Salts 30ml


Killer Tide SALT by Johnny Be Fresh is a delicious nicotine salt rendition of blue raspberry eJuice, revealing the sweetly sour profile of mythical blue raspberries to the flavor centers of the tongue.

Frenchman Delight – Johnny Applevapes Salts 30ml


Frenchman Delight – Johnny Applevapes Salts Freshly baked sweet bread coupled with the aromatic and pungent tastes of cinnamon and sugar. The end result is that of a fluffy french toast that is then topped with a slab of butter and drenched with a light maple syrup.

Frenchman Delight- Johnny Applevapes Eliquid 100ml


Freshly baked sweet bread coupled with the aromatic and pungent tastes of cinnamon and sugar. The end result is that of a fluffy french toast that is then topped with a slab of butter and drenched with a light maple syrup.

Maui Mango – Tropic King E-Liquid – DripMore – 100mL


Maui Mango Ejuice by Tropic King (by Candy King) offers a juicy splash of yellow mango with every puff. But it doesn’t just stop there, pineapple and juicy orange were invited to the party too, and they took things to another level!

Mad Melon – Tropic King E-Liquid – DripMore – 100mL


Mad Melon Ejuice by Tropic King, from the masters of Candy flavored vape, Candy King Eliquid, offers a flavors madness that jam-packs 3 different types of melon into one flavored loaded eliquid bottle.

Berry Breeze – Tropic King E-Liquid – DripMore | 100mL


Berry Breeze Ejuice by Tropic King, from the makers of Candy King Eliquid, features an explosion of wild berry flavor in vape juice form which your taste buds won’t get enough of. Enjoy a berry-licious eliquid stuffed with sultry blackberries, tangy blueberries, plump blueberries, and tropical black currant!

PB & Jam Strawberry – Jam Monster E-Liquid 100ml


PB & Jam Monster Strawberry by Jam Monster Liquids takes a warm toasted slice of bread and covers it in a fine layer of thick spreadable peanut butter followed by a dollop of strawberry jam to add a fruity eJuice element to this nutty breakfast eJuice creation.

PB & Jam Grape – Jam Monster E-Liquid 100ml


PB & JAM Monster Grape by Jam Monster e Juice takes a sweet nutty peanut butter and spreads it over warm buttered toast for a delectable breakfast vape that will make the mouth water uncontrollably. Limited Edition

On the off chance that you’re on the chase after premium vape juice at amazingly low costs, then, at that point, you’ve come to the ideal locations. At we are focused on presenting to you the most delicious e-juices from the most branded names in the business. We convey every one of the brands you know and love, and proposition costs that essentially can’t be bested!

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a delightful sweet seasoned e-liquid or a mouth-watering blue razz, we take care of you. We offer a full scope of nicotine qualities from the greatest vape juice brands in the business so you can tweak your experience to impeccably accommodate your inclination.

Vaping is an encounter that is intended to be appreciated. Flavor profiles are meticulously intended to convey delightfulness with each puff. PG and VG are thoroughly adjusted to bring you rich, fulfilling billows of fume. It’s all very exquisite truly, yet what makes it far superior is saving a group when you shop!

At we love just to present to you the best items at the best costs, and that is by and large what we do! We offer a genuinely great choice of vape squeeze and we’re anxious to assist you with getting to know what we have coming up for you. In this assortment outline, we’ll guide you through our magnificent stock and explore a portion of our top-selling e-liquids. We’ll likewise talk about a portion of our top-rated brands and flavor profiles, and even walk you through how to ensure you’re utilizing a fitting vape gadget for your e-juice.


There is a ton to adore about, however, something that truly stands apart from our clients is our inconceivable determination. Looking for vape juice can be a genuine hassle. Most vape shops don’t have the unimaginable choice of items that we do. This will frequently leave customers bobbing around from one retailer to another attempting to track down great arrangements and accessible items Fortunately for you, there is

We have all of the best vape juice in one advantageous spot. You can find all the top name-brand e-juices that you know and love without going through your entire evening time scouring the web for bargains.

Rather than going from one site to another chasing down the items, you love at a value you’re happy with, help yourself out and come straightforwardly to our site. There’s no issue, no compelling reason to deal chase, and no compelling reason to worry over transportation times. We offer the best vape juice available at completely low costs and give amazingly quick delivery. Could it improve than that?


Not every person that comes to our site is a prepared vape epicurean. However we do get an entire bundle of experienced clients, we realize that a lot of you are simply beginning with vaping. We are glad to pause for a minute to disclose things to the individuals who are keen on vaping however do not have any genuine working information on the point. If you’re not yet acquainted with what e-fluid is, you’re in great hands.

E-fluid is known by a lot of various names. Certain individuals call it vape juice, some call it e-juice, however, it is most generally known as e-fluid. So what is e-fluid? These items are regularly made with a blend of vegetable glycerin, extraordinary flavorings, nicotine, and propylene glycol. This blend of fixings makes an oil-type fluid that is ideal for disintegrating.

This delicious vape juice shouldn’t be eaten, truth be told, that can be extremely hazardous. These items are intended to be stacked into a vaporizer and appreciated as large billows of delicious fume. Stacking up your vape gadget is a flat-out breeze. Just read the instructions givento your gadget and you’ll see exactly how simple it is! Once your vape is stacked up, you should simply press a fasten and prepare to take a ride in flavor country.

There are various sorts of vape juice out there and it’s significant you comprehend their extraordinary traits. Some are more impressive than others and require specific gadgets or curls to atomize appropriately. If this sounds unfamiliar and scary, relax, we’ll elaborate.


There are two essential sorts of e-liquids out there: conventional vape juice and Nicotine Salt, additionally referred to as Nic Salt. These two kinds of e-liquid share a great deal. They are both in fluid-structure, both contain nicotine, and both are intended to be disintegrated. The principle contrast between these two is that nicotine salts have way higher nicotine fixations. Customary vape juice goes from around 3mg to 18mg qualities. Nicotine salts commonly start around 20mg and go as far as possible up to 50mg.

Assuming you’re changing from conventional vape juice to nicotine salt we suggest that you start little. The 50mg nic salts are undeniably more strong than what most vapers are utilized to and they won’t cause you to feel extraordinary assuming you hop right in. Conversely, assuming you’re changing from smoking to vaping, 50mg nic salts are bound to leave you with a similar fulfillment you’d get from smoking a cigarette.

The most compelling thing to recall is that nicotine salt is stronger than customary vape juice and it should notbe trifled with. 50mg focus salt nic was planned explicitly for the individuals who are attempting to stop smoking and essentially aren’t fitting for individuals who don’t as of now smoke. However, these items aren’t expected to be showcased as smoking end items, that is by and large what many individuals use them for.


Each brand has its assembling procedures. A few organizations source their items from outsider makers and leave the creation interaction dependent upon them. Different organizations put forth an additional attempt to fabricate their items. The people who make their e-juice will generally have better items that are undeniably more exceptional in their flavors and mouth-to-lung feel.

By and large, e-juice contains 4 essential fixings. Every single one of these fixings is genuinely straightforward however has a significant impact on the higher perspective. E-juices are commonly made by consolidating propylene glycol with vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and particular seasoning fixings. The overall equation is something similar for all vape juices. The flavor is the place where a brand truly will influence an item.

Vape brands invest a lot of time and energy in making their flavor profiles. Since the recipe for these items is standard, the flavor is one of the main characterizing highlights. A few brands center around heavenly fruity flavors like guava or green apple, and others produce delectable items that embrace the creamier side of life. You can observe flavors going from new Cannoli to mouth-watering bubblegum. There is a huge load of flavors out there to browse and regardless of your inclination is, we take care of you with our mind-boggling determination of premium items.

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